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In 2016, Tiny Box Company bought a factory in Cornwall (previously known as The Box Office) for sister company, Tiny Box Maker. The key staff from the factory were employed to ensure an outstanding knowledge base was maintained.Tiny Box Maker is one of ten rigid box making factories left in the UK. Most rigid box companies don’t make the boxes themselves, instead they act as middlemen to factories in Europe and China. We specialise in making high-end presentation boxes, bespoke gift boxes and corporate gift boxes.

Our plans for the future involve working alongside Tiny Box Company to provide custom packaging to small and large businesses. Unlike most packaging companies based in the UK, we can manufacture a complete branded package with no minimum order.


What we offer



Providing innovative, creative and expert skills to enable you to take your packaging to the next level.


Handmade boxes mean we can personally maintain a high level of quality control so each box is produced to perfection.


As well as bespoke options, we also have plenty of off the shelf styles to suit any purpose.



Not sure what you need? We have a friendly knowledgable team who can help set you in the right direction.


Promoting recycled and recyclable products, we use FSC certified materials to help save our environment.


Beauty and sophistication need not be compromised. Turn your packaging goals into reality.



Design is key to the success of each box no matter how simple or complex the process. With every enquiry we receive we evaluate all options available and listen carefully to the client’s requirements. Bespoke reflects exclusivity, individuality and originality We listen carefully to our client’s requests and work with them hand in hand to design and present a truly unique product that will highlight and add value to their brand. We are currently pushing boundaries on design and researching new trends in the market, always staying ahead to offer the most up to date service. Fundamentally we keep to our roots of handmade as we know it is important to uphold our unique bespoke designs.

We believe it's really important that you know the importance of the design process and how it can have an amazing impact on the final solution. To find out more, visit our design page.





Our manufacturing processes involves a combination of handmade techniques and modern state of the art box manufacturing processes. This allows us to manage the quality of every single box in the factory and manufacture it in a time frame that exceeds our client’s expectations, we offer realistic targets so as to never affect the integrity of our processes.

To take a closer look at our processes, visit our manufacturing page.



SPIRIT & ENERGY: We are enthusiastic about creating the best possible packaging with energy that tranSforms your gift box into something exciting and personalised to compliment your brand.

IDEAS:Our team specialises in thinking 'outside the box'. it makes us very happy to turn our most popular products into something really exciting. We learn new things every day from our customers.

ENVIRONMENTAL:Our ethics are very important when producing our packaging. All box board is made using recycled fibres. We source our paper coverings from sustainable forests and all our boxes are recyclable once used.

SUPPORT:Being a small team, one of our main aims is to provide small and large businesses with equal branding choices. We do not have a minimum order, so everyone can make their packaging their own.


Find out more about the people who make the magic happen!




Luxury and beauty need not be compromised
when making ethical packaging choices.

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